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Water Conservation

LOK KALYAN SAMITI (LKS) is working towards the issue of drying up ponds. It is committed towards recycling pond water and to make these ponds fill up with fresh natural water. We through survey find the history and then give relevant information to the local people about the historical and scientific importance of these ponds. LKS, under the Direction of S. Jagmohan Singh Gill founder of LKS, has identified 24 traditional ponds in different villages of district Amritsar ,Gurdaspur and Tarn Taran of Punjab. We try to fill these ponds with the participation of local people. We conduct CHAPPER BACHAO MOHIM, a campaign to conserve the ponds for water conservation. All the ponds used to fill up either by rain water or by river. These ponds are used for agriculture or for some of the household chores throughout the year. It is big source to recharge the underground water table as well. Even after entering the phase of cultural development, we have been using our water resources blindly by not conserving it properly. As a result of this, water which is lifeline of Punjab has come under great threat. Out of 138 blocks, 108 blocks have become dark zones where the underground water level has gone below the satisfactory mark. In Amritsar itself 4 blocks out of 16, have been declared dark . The place is known as a sacred place having no. of water resources. The water level in Punjab has gone down to such an extent that even modern water extracting motors are unable to pick up water. To get avenge of it, the submersible pumps have been introduced. If the water level goes on decreasing at this rate, a day will come when it will become difficult even for the submersible pumps to extract water.
The major causes of this wastage are as below:-
• A lot of discharge of water from earth and negligible recharge leads to decreasing level of water in ponds, streams and rivers. Decreasing wetlands, Huge Paddy cultivation and growing of Neelgiri (safeda), Deforestation at large scale and discharge of water at large scale
• In 1970-71, 1.92 lakhs tube wells were there in Punjab Overall. But in 2001-02, the counting has raised to 9.50 lakhs. According to Govt. Sources, this is the main reason of lowering water level.
• Lack of ponds, streams and rivers: - The rainwater can be accumulated in village ponds so as to recharge the underground water. There was a time when there were 4-5 ponds in each village. Now these ponds have been filled up and turned into schools, playgrounds, Panchayat Ghar etc


Jagmohan Singh Gill discussing with village people for the filling the pond

Biodiversity Conservation

Lok KalyanSamiti has established five community wetland education centers in village Harike, BurajPhoola Singh, Kiran, Buraj Deva sinigh and Kaboh near the Harike Wetland where LKS constructs civil structure Model of wetland containing Aquatic plant of different types of wetland, try to conserve variety of aquatic plant and biodiversity.

Sustainable Development

Lok KalyanSamiti 
try to train the people to develop the society with the nature friendly technology like plantation, organic farming, water conversation, Reduce wastage, Reuse and Recycle the things to reduce the wastage things. Development should be there but not on the cost of Nature.